Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS): Ultimate Guide for 2021

dependants protection scheme

The Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) has just crashed landed into your hands.

What is it all about?

Should you retain it? Is it enough?

Today, we take a deeper look at this scheme, and the reasons why it’s good (and its limitations).

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the new changes effective 1 April 2021.

Read on!

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5 ElderShield Claim Statistics You Must Know (Updated for 2021)

eldershield claim statistics

ElderShield has been the talk of the town for awhile now.

Why did this scheme go through so much love and hate?

In this article, we cover the important claim statistics and interesting facts on this topic.

It’ll be very enlightening and gives light on why the new scheme CareShield Life is created.

So, read on!

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Average Life Expectancy in Singapore: Data, Trends & Statistics (2021)

life expectancy singapore

What’s the latest average life expectancy in Singapore? Would it change drastically in the future?

We took a greater look at the statistics available and went even further.

There were some very interesting findings.

Also, a higher life expectancy may not always be good thing, especially if we don’t properly plan for it. There are actionable steps you can take at the end of this article too.

So, read on!

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Home Insurance in Singapore: Ultimate Guide for 2021

home insurance

When it comes to owning a property, there are so many moving parts.

One of them is the home insurance.

That one little aspect that you might have heard before but neglected…

Today, we’re going to cover all there is to know about home insurance in Singapore.

Let’s get started!

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21 Life Insurance Claims Statistics in Singapore (A Data-Driven Study)

life insurance claim statistics

We always make life insurance decisions emotionally.

“What if I’m taken out of the picture, how would my family cope financially?”

And we tend to neglect the logical part.

That’s why today, we’re taking a whole new look at concrete numbers to give us greater insights on life insurance – coverage for death, total and permanent disability, and critical illness.

We spent 57 hours studying 36 months of life insurance claims statistics in Singapore.

And not forgetting to double-check our numbers.

Here are some very interesting findings…

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HDB Fire Insurance in Singapore: Ultimate Guide for 2021

hdb fire insurance

Looking for information on the HDB fire insurance?

Well, you just landed on the right page.

This guide will give you all you need to know and what are your next steps.

You’ll find your answers here.

Some of the areas I’ll cover will be what is it (and what it’s not), the premiums you’ll have to pay and its limitations, etc.

So, read on!

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Home Protection Scheme (HPS) in Singapore: Ultimate Guide for 2021

Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

So you’re going to purchase a HDB flat and was told about the Home Protection Scheme (HPS).

And if you’re a first time home buyer, you’ll realise this just got real…

Your finances have got to be on point.

Is HPS the best option available? Are there limitations to it or other better alternatives?

I’ll cover them all, read on!

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ElderShield vs CareShield Life: For Those Born in 1979 & Earlier

ElderShield vs CareShield Life

With the new introduction of CareShield Life, what should you expect?

What are the options available for you and what should you do?

If you’re born in 1980 or later, this article is not meant for you, go to my other article: “What is CareShield Life?” instead.

If you’re born in 1979 or earlier, you’re in the right place.

I’ll cover the general differences between ElderShield and CareShield Life, and then touch on specific scenarios.

Do read from the start for full understanding!

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CareShield Life Supplements: Should You Upgrade?

careshield life supplements

A shiny new policy, CareShield Life, has suddenly dropped into your hands.

Whether you like it or not, there’s no escaping since it’s compulsory.

So what we can do now is to see how it can integrate and further improve on our current financial planning.

One major consideration is whether upgrading with CareShield Life supplements is worth it or not.

In this article, I’ll cover the pros and cons.

So, read on!

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