About SmartWealth

At SmartWealth, we simplify financial planning to make it accessible for you.

SmartWealth is a Singapore-based financial planning platform founded in 2017.

With a plethora of information on financial matters available, it’s easy to get lost or feel overwhelmed. Moreover, recommendations on financial products are often obscured by pushy marketing and sales tactics.

SmartWealth aims to address these issues with two objectives:

  1. We make content easy for you to understand and digest, ensuring it is backed with data, well-researched, and touches on both sides of the story.
  2. We assist you in matching the best financial products and services to your specific needs by comparing solutions from a multitude of providers.

The ultimate goal is to equip you with the necessary knowledge so that you can make informed decisions independently.

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What We Believe In

#1 Proper financial education is vital

In a 24-hour day, we spend almost half our time working. For what purpose? To earn income, accumulate money, and build wealth. If we don’t make the best use of the money we earn, we’re essentially wasting our time—not just for one day but for the many decades to come. Therefore, we hope what we do can help you take one step forward on this journey.

#2 Transparency builds trust

We are consumers too. We dislike being kept in the dark, especially when dealing with important information. The more someone tries to hide something, the more wary we become. That’s why we believe in presenting both the good and the bad, laying it all out for you. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. You can come to your own conclusions.

#3 Giving value first

Traditionally, it has always been about “taking from the consumer” without giving much in return. We do the opposite. We give generously and expect nothing in return. Only if you believe what we do can help you should you feel free to move forward with us. At the end of the day, we aim for a win-win situation.

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About the Founder

abram lim

Abram Lim is the founder of SmartWealth and a licensed financial consultant with over 8 years in the industry. He ensures all published content is supported by data, well-researched, and includes both sides of the story. His work has been referenced by SingSaver, Business Insider, and Fortune.

Learn more about Abram.