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Integrated Shield Plans (Health Insurance) in Singapore: 2019’s Guide

Integrated Shield Plans Medical Insurance

All of us should be familiar with this image...

A speeding ambulance with its horns blaring on the expressway, and cars steering away to make space for it.

It's an emergency.

But it's just one half of the picture.

Can the injured afford the bill that comes after?

That's the second part.

In this ultimate guide, I'll cover all there is to know about Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore.

Hospital and surgical costs are expensive and ever-increasing.

Are you sufficiently covered? What can a private health/medical insurance provide?

... and I'll also touch on the recent industry changes that affect these plans.

So, read on!

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Endowment Insurance Savings Plans in Singapore: Guide for 2019

endowment savings plan singapore

Everywhere you go in Singapore, people are talking about the endowment savings plan.

And if you're here, you want to know more.

By the end of this guide, you're sure to gain a handful of knowledge on this common topic amongst Singaporeans.

What I'll be touching on are...

  • Why is it so hard to save, and why you need to save and "invest"...
  • The different alternatives to park your money in...
  • What are endowments and how do they work...
  • The pros and cons of a savings plan...

...and much more

So, read on!

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Whole Life Insurance Plans in Singapore: Ultimate Guide for 2019

whole life insurance plans singapore

You want to know more about whole life insurance in Singapore? 

You're in the right place.

By the end of this article, you'll be well-armed with knowledge on this important insurance.

The things we'll be covering are:

The one thing life insurance is for...

The only 2 options for income protection (term vs whole life) ...

Who are the best candidates for whole life plans...

... and more

So, read on!

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