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SRS Investment Options: How To Best Invest Your Funds (2019)

srs investment options

You took the first step in contributing into your SRS account, great! 

Now, what?

The funds are just sitting there collecting dust and spiderwebs (one-third of all SRS funds are sitting idle).

You know you can invest your funds but there are 2 concerns you have: 

"I don't have the time (...and the patience) to do research" and "SRS funds are my hard-earned money, I want the best for them".

Well, you've come to the right place

At the end of this article, you'll know which option is the best to invest your SRS funds in.

We'll also go through the various SRS approved options, the pros and cons of each, and the  factors to consider in selecting one, etc.

So, read on!

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Mortgage Insurance in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide for 2019

mortgage insurance singapore

Having or buying a property is a huge, huge decision. 

Other than monetary reasons, it also contains happy memories of the past, present and the future, of you and your family.

You know what’s more important than that?

Protecting that property.

If that home was taken away from your family abruptly because of unfortunate events, how would you feel?

This ultimate guide on mortgage insurance in Singapore will give you everything you need to know.

We cover what is it all about, whether the reasons for it are justified, and many other crucial information that you must absolutely know.

So, read on​!

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Integrated Shield Plans (Health Insurance) in Singapore: 2019’s Guide

Integrated Shield Plans Medical Insurance

All of us should be familiar with this image...

A speeding ambulance with its horns blaring on the expressway, and cars steering away to make space for it.

It's an emergency.

But it's just one half of the picture.

Can the injured afford the bill that comes after?

That's the second part.

In this ultimate guide, I'll cover all there is to know about Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore.

Hospital and surgical costs are expensive and ever-increasing.

Are you sufficiently covered? What can a private health/medical insurance provide?

... and I'll also touch on the recent industry changes that affect these plans.

So, read on!

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