5 Best Early Critical Illness Insurance Plans in Singapore (2024 Comparison)

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best early critical illness singapore comparison
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The Purpose of an Early Critical Illness Insurance

An early critical illness (ECI) insurance plan is a policy without any cash value but is able to provide a high coverage for critical illness.

It pays out a lump sum when critical illness – in the early, intermediate, or late stage – happens during the term of the plan. 

The lump sum payout from the plan enables you to pay for the huge medical costs (not covered in health insurance) and makes up for the lost of income when you’re recovering from the critical illness.

It helps to relieve any potential financial burdens you and your family may have to face, thus giving greater peace of mind.

(If you’re new to early critical illness insurance and want to know more about it instead, read this guide first.)

Best Early Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore (Comparison for 2024)

If you like the idea of an early CI plan, what’s next?

Finding the best one of course!

You’re using your hard-earned money and you’ll definitely want to make the best decision (with no regrets in the future).

But early critical illness plans come in all shapes and sizes… and one size doesn’t fit all.

The only way to find the best one for you is to do an in-depth comparison across the different plans offered by the different insurance companies.

And that’s what we’re good at.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of early critical insurance plans that we can compare:

Insurance CompanyPlan Name
AIAAbsolute Critical Cover
Singlife with AvivaSinglife Multipay Critical Illness (previously My Multipay Critical Illness Plan IV)
AXASuper CritiCare
ManulifeCI FlexiCare (Ready CompleteCare was withdrawn)
Tokio MarineTM MultiCare

What’s in Our Early CI Insurance Comparison DeepDive™

best early critical illness singapore comparison

Unlike others, our DeepDive™ gives you the Good and the Bad
So you will be equipped to make better decisions.

What we’ll cover in the comparison:

  • The sum assured
  • The detailed specifics of each plan
  • Policy term
  • Premium term
  • Premiums payable
  • Any available discounts or promotions
  • Potential disadvantages
  • Anything else you want to know…

We spent hours scrutinising policy documents so that you don’t have to.

But, We Do Things Differently

Unlike others, we don’t publish these comparisons online (comparisons from other sites are usually generic in nature, may contain outdated information, and their quotes aren’t specific to your profile and your needs). Also, we don’t send these these personalised comparisons directly to your email.

We do this on an appointment basis (via zoom video call or a meet-up) to first understand your situation before going through the comparison with you. This ensures that we can provide appropriate advice there and then.

It may sound troublesome to you, but hear us out.

3 Reasons Why We Need to Meet

(Either through a zoom video call or a meet-up)

You just want to look at the numbers… you got no time… you don’t want to meet strangers.

Perhaps you’re here because you were doing research online or came looking for more information when someone – friend or agent – told you about this.

So you may thinking, “just email the comparison and quotes to me!

As consumers ourselves, we understand the convenience of that.

But a mere comparison table will not help you make a concrete decision (one that you can set in stone).

Here are 3 reasons why there’s a need to meet:

1) Give Accurate Recommendations

understanding your situation

Can you be absolutely sure of what you want? Could there be something that you may have missed?

A wrong decision might lead to a lifetime of regrets.

If you go to a doctor and without asking you anything, the doctor gives you medicine for this, this and this.

Would you have full confidence in the solution? No.

And that’s why there’s a need to understand your situation first before we give a recommendation – we’re not in the business of pushing products.

2) Requirement of MAS

requirement of MAS

In the Financial Advisers Act, it is stated that in order for a recommendation to be made, information on the client has to be gathered first.

Any inaccurate or incomplete information may affect the suitability of the recommendation.

Over the years, MAS has imposed stricter regulations to ultimately protect Singaporeans (and that includes you).

It is there for a reason and that is to ensure that you don’t end up with an unsuitable plan.

3) Touch on Fine Prints

What’s the purpose of a comparison table?

It’s to present information in an organised and simple way, so that you can make a decision based on it.

But can you really make an informed decision from it?

If you can easily do that, there wouldn’t be a need for two-digit pages of policy documents (for just one plan).

There are fine prints and clauses that might make or break your decision.

And that’s why we meet to not only show you the comparisons but to go through any critical pointers that you must be aware of.

We don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver.

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We Compare 18 Insurance Companies to Find the Best Early Critical Illness Insurance Plan for Your Needs

This Is Great if You:

  1. Don’t know which plan is the best
  2. Don’t wish to waste precious time and money going to individual companies for quotes
  3. Don’t wish to tear your hair out looking through product documents

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  • FWD

Frequency Asked Questions

What is an early critical insurance plan in Singapore?

It is a policy which pays out a lump sum of money when the insured is diagnosed with an early, intermediate, or severe stage of a critical illness. “Multipay” plans also enable the insured to claim multiple times.

Is early critical illness insurance worth it and necessary?

In general, coverage for death, total and permanent disability, and critical illness are more important because they take away the ability to work and earn an income. Early critical illness insurance is seen more as a bonus if you have the budget for it.

Is this service free?

Yes, there’s no fee involved.

How long does the appointment take?

It typically takes around 45 minutes. However, it can be longer for more complex situations or if you have further questions.

Are there any obligations?

Depending on your situation, we may or may not recommend solutions. If we do, it’s entirely up to you to go ahead with it. As consumers ourselves, we dislike high-pressure tactics.

Should I bring my existing policies?

Yes! If you do have them, do bring them along (or a policy summary) as we can provide more accurate feedback.

How is this appointment conducted?

This can be done over a zoom video call or a meet-up.