FullCircle™ Planning:
The Doctor’s Way to SUPERSIZE Your Financial Goals

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SmartWealth FullCircle
  • Our PISCIL framework provides a bird’s eye view on your finances
  • Discover any potential financial pitfalls you would never have known
  • Optimising your portfolio for even greater impact
  • Matching solutions along with in-depth product comparisons of multiple providers

As corny as it sounds…

Like the Medical Doctor who has the title, M.D, and as corny as it sounds, we like to call ourselves, Financial Doctors (F.D). 

Because, there are indeed similarities in our professions.

FullCircle™ Planning is our flagship service designed specifically to help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be. 

It’s a step-by-step process that goes deep into each stage along the way. 

Unlike most advisors, we go all in.

What We’ve Developed

SmartWealth FullCircle

Let the experts guide you.

It’s hard to do everything on your own.
It takes tremendous time to do research well.
Time that that could’ve been spent on yourself and your family instead.
Leave it to us.

Going into the Details…

Stage 1: Conducting a Thorough Financial Examination

The most important stage. 

Imagine one day you go to the doctor and this plays out: 

Me: “I have a flu” 
Doctor: “Say no more, you need to do an operation immediately!”
Me: “Wait, wait, what???” 

You’ll have doubts on his recommendations… 

That’s why without fully understanding your financial situation, how is one going to give you good advice? 

With our PISCIL framework, we’re able to uncover facts – hard and soft – about yourself and your family which you may have never thought of before. 

This allows us to start on a needs-based approach designed around just you.

Stage 2: Sharing Diagnosis & Findings

With all the information gathered, we’ll be able to give a preliminary diagnosis. 

There are a few things we would touch on.

  • The general health of your insurance and investment portfolio
  • Uncover any financial goals and objectives you want to address
  • Point out any potential pitfalls – not just in the present time, but in the future as well

Stage 3: Providing Recommendations & Alternative Treatments

With a clearer picture, we’ll then be able to zoom in.

Areas we cover:

But it doesn’t end there… 

We don’t just work with one partner, we work with many. 

Here’s the list of 15 partners we work with:

Friends Provident
China Life
Generali Worldwide
NTUC Income
Life Insurance Corporation
Old Mutual International
Swiss Life
Tokio Marine

What does this mean? 

We’re not tied to any one provider and would be able to give unbiased feedback. 

We’re able to compare products across the board so you need not approach individual companies for their quotes, therefore saving precious time and money. 

We go further by understanding the details of each product on a deeper level (sometimes, we burn and drink the product documents), so we’re able to share on the strengths and shortcomings of each plan (it’s all in the fine prints).

Bottom line: we’re able to propose the best option based on your needs. 

Stage 4: Performing Financial Surgery(s)

After we’ve narrowed down from the mountain of options, there lies only a few that will help achieve your specific needs.

Whether it’s a small bandage or a complex operation, only with your acknowledgement will we then proceed to transform your plan into a reality.

Stage 5: Regular Checkups

Even after the surgery, monitoring is still needed. 

Over time, things may change. 

Your career, commitments and objectives will not stay the same.

Thus, we’ll do a constant review to ensure that everything is on track. If adjustments are needed, we’ll let you know.

What Singaporeans Are Saying

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It’s time to take charge.
Take the first step, check your financial health now.

It Ends With You

While we can’t predict everything will go according to plan…

When we fail to even plan, we plan to fail

Have you seen a baby who is able to walk immediately?

No, you’ll see him crawling, fumbling and stumbling, and only then starts walking. 

Likewise, achieving your financial goals does not happen by snapping your fingers, it requires small first steps to get to the destination

BUT… this is not for everyone. It requires co-operation from you every step of the way. 

At the end of the day, we only strive for a win-win situation – nothing else

If you do see value in what we do, go ahead and take the first step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FullCircle Planning free? 

Yes, there’s no fee involved.

How long does the appointment take?

It typically takes around 40 minutes. However, it can take even longer if there are questions from your side or more complex situations.

Are there any obligations?

We’re providing solutions that suit your needs. In the end, it’s entirely up to you to decide.

Should I bring my existing policies?

Yes! If you do have old policies, do bring them along as we can give more accurate feedback.