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You’ve spent countless weeks to find that perfect home and finally, made the huge decision to purchase it. Having moved in to your sanctuary, happy times and memories were created with your family.

In Singapore, that home could be your biggest asset. But, it can also be your biggest liability.


Life can be unfair and unpredictable.

If you’re taken out of the picture or unable to work because of an accident or illness, who’s going to pay for that huge loan on the house? 

Your spouse? Your kids? Would they be able to do so?

That’s when mortgage insurance comes in...

What is Mortgage Insurance?

what is mortgage insurance

A mortgage protection insurance is essentially a life insurance policy that protects your loved ones from needing to repay housing loans if anything happens to you.

It can pay out a lump sum upon death, total and permanent disability or critical illness, during the term of the plan.

This lump sum could then be used to pay off the outstanding loan.

Why should I get a Mortgage Insurance?

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If you have an outstanding home loan and unable to meet mortgage payments, the bank can repossess your property which gives them the right to sell off your property.

So if you were to pass on, become permanently disabled or critically ill, and your family can’t cope with the ongoing payments, they might not have a place to call ‘home’ anymore.

With the cover from a mortgage insurance, you are sure to enjoy a peace of mind that your loved ones will still have a roof over their heads, no matter rain or shine.

Your family are grieving emotionally; don’t let them grieve financially.

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