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What is ElderShield?

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If you’re a Singaporean or a PR, you would automatically be included into the ElderShield scheme, once you hit 40 years old.

In the unfortunate event you become severely disabled, you can receive either $300 or $400 per month in cash, for a short period of 5 or 6 years.


If you’re unable to work anymore, there wouldn’t be an income coming in.

Would this amount be enough?

Most people will say no. It’s not even enough to hire a maid.

How about your ongoing household expenses? If you have kids, would you want them to support you?

Why Should I Upgrade My ElderShield?

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With an ElderShield upgrade, you’re able to enjoy greater peace of mind

Upon severe disability, you’re able to receive a much higher monthly benefit and it pays out for lifetime

The best part is you don’t need to pay cash; it can be fully payable using just your CPF Medisave (cap at of $600/year).

Most people upgrade their ElderShield based on the above benefits but there are further benefits as well. These are listed down and compared in your personalized ElderShield upgrade comparison (together with quotes).

What’s Next?

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