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You have ongoing expensescommitments and future goals for your family.

There’s only ONE thing that fuels them…

… your INCOME.

Life can be unpredictable and unfair. 

If you’re taken out of the picture because of an accident or illness and unable to work, who’s going to replace your income AND look after you and your family?

Your spouse? Your kids?

Do you think they’re able to cope?

That’s when term insurance comes in…

What is Term Insurance?

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A term life insurance is a policy without any cash value but is able to replace your income when something adverse happens to you. 

It can pay out a lump sum upon death, total and permanent disability, or critical illness, during the tenure of the plan. 

Although the policy will be terminated when the tenure ends, a term insurance would be able to provide a high coverage for your needs at an affordable rate. 

Why should I get a Term Insurance?

best term insurance singapore

Your income may be the most important aspect in your life.

It contributes to many of the things you and your family needs and wants

When one is down with Death, TPD or Critical Illness, not only future potential income is lost, there’s also an increase in medical expenses

If you’re not able to earn this income anymore, who can do it for you?

With a term insurance cover, you are able to eliminate this financial risk when a mishap happens.

It will relieve any burdens you and your family may have to face. This will give you a greater peace of mind that no matter what happens, life will still continue on smoothly.

Your family are grieving emotionally; don’t let them grieve financially.

Which is the Best Term Insurance in Singapore?

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