Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS): Definitive Guide for 2020

This definitive guide is split into a 4-part series.

Part 1: What is SRS?

what is srs

What is it all about? Is it really a great tool to reduce taxes and to cater for retirement?

Part 2: Best SRS Investment Options

srs investment options

With so many options, where should you put your SRS funds into good hands?

Part 3: The SRS Annuity (Endowment)

srs endowment annuity

Is the SRS annuity really one of the best ways to invest your SRS monies?

Part 4: The Best SRS Annuity (Endowment)?

best srs endowment

Having narrowed down to the SRS annuity… which one is the best in the market?

Abram Lim

With over 7 years of experience in the financial advisory industry, and previous stints in Citibank and UOB, Abram eagerly shares his knowledge by publishing research-backed articles. Learn more about Abram