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"Let It Grow"

Amidst the chaos - the ups and downs -  in the market, that shiny object in the middle of the battlefield stands strong. 

No matter what is thrown at it, it won't budge. 

That my friend, is the SRS endowment plan. 

It gives certainty and clarity on what to expect during your retirement years. 

What is a SRS annuity?

what is a SRS annuity

Call it an endowment plan.. an annuity .. a retirement plan... 

It's all the same. 

Basically, you set aside one lump sum of SRS funds into the plan... 

Wait till your retirement age...

And then you can receive a monthly income (guaranteed + non-guaranteed) for a period of time (usually 10 years). 

Why should I get a SRS annuity plan?

safety from risk

You already know that you should invest your SRS funds and not leave it in the account earning 0.05% per year. 

Yet, you don't want to subject your hard-earned money to the volatile markets which could dampen your retirement funds when you need it the most. 

SRS annuity plans are usually capital-guaranteed. They also offer guaranteed and non -guaranteed returns. Terms and conditions apply. 

Eliminate any worries and doubts of what will happen in the investment market with the stability of a SRS retirement plan.

Concentrate on what matters the most - your career and family (and health of course). 

Which is the Best SRS annuity in Singapore?

Take the first step to find out what sort of retirement income you can get by comparing SRS endowments from the top insurance providers in Singapore and find the best plan.

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