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Are you facing these concerns?

.. you know your SRS funds are earning 0.05%/year – nothing much

.. you want to maximise the returns but you’re afraid by investing, your hard-earned money might suffer heavy losses when you need it the most

.. and you have no clarity on how your retirement will look like?

No worries.

Introducing… the SRS Annuity Plan

Call it an endowment plan.. an annuity .. a retirement plan… 

It’s all the same. 

Basically, you set aside one lump sum of SRS funds into the plan… 

Wait till your selected retirement age…

And then you can receive a monthly income (guaranteed + non-guaranteed) for a period of time (usually 10 years). 

how srs endowments work

Key Benefits

Capital Guaranteed Upon Maturity

Have a peace of mind that your money won’t go through turbulent times

Guaranteed Retirement Income

Know how much you’ll be receiving instead of throwing out guesses

Participate in Potential Bonuses

Get even more income with non-guaranteed bonuses along the way

Which is the Best SRS annuity in Singapore?

Take the first step to find out how much retirement income you can get by comparing SRS endowments from the top insurance providers in Singapore and find the best plan. 

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