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You've read countless news of people suffering from critical illnesses like cancer and heart attack in Singapore.

... or even know of these people around you.

The Singapore Cancer Society reported that 37 people are diagnosed with cancer everyday

And everyday, 16 people die from it.

It's never a pleasant sight - financially, emotionally and physically.

Being down with a critical illness strips away the ability to work which leads to having no income to pay your bills, commitments and future goals.


Medical bills and alternative treatments not covered in your existing plans can cripple everything you've worked so hard for.

Do you want this to be a financial burden on you or your family?

That's when early critical illness plans come in...

What is Early Critical Illness Insurance?

cheapest early critical illness insurance singapore

An early CI insurance plan is a policy without any cash value but is able to provide a high coverage for critical illness.

It pays out a lump sum when critical illness - in the early, intermediate or late stage - happens during the term of the plan. 

Why should I get a Early CI plan?

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The lump sum payout from the plan enables you to pay for the huge medical costs from a critical illness, and most importantly allow you to take a break from work to recover

It ensures that your daily expenses and future goals can still can be catered for, and you don't need to dig in to your hard-earned savings

With an early critical insurance cover, you are able to eliminate a huge financial risk when the unwanted happens.

It will help relieve any potential burdens you and your family may have to face. This will give you a greater peace of mind that no matter what happens, life will still continue on smoothly.

What's Next?

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